General Trustee Job Description

Our Bylaws mandate that we have Trustees who also serve as Corporate Directors. When there are more jobs than Trustees, one or more Trustees will be responsible for more than one job. The Trustee Body will apportion jobs to Trustees as it sees fit.

Two years of sobriety from marijuana and all mind-altering chemicals, including alcohol, is required. One year of Delegate experience is recommended.

The following responsibilities and conditions are expected of all Trustees:

  • Understand and work within the Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts for Service of MA
  • Respond to questions and requests for help from the fellowship or the public in a timely manner by phone and/or email 
  • Attend and participate in all virtually held Board of Trustees meetings; must have reliable internet access 
  • Maintain regular communication with other Trustees and respond as soon as possible 
  • Act as Chair for their specific committee, or appoint a suitable Chairperson to ensure throughout the year the committee meets all mandated deadlines as directed by the Conference and the Service Manual
  • Annually review individual Trustee job description, and if changes are made submit the revised Trustee job description to be updated on the MA World Services website and the Trustee Handbook
  • Prepare in advance a written report of annual activities, for presentation at the annual Conference
  • Understand and adhere to the “legal and ethical obligations of being a Trustee” as explained in the Trustee Handbook. 
  • Sign the acknowledgment of receipt of the Conflict of Interest Policy, and submit it to the Service Inventory Group 
  • For Trustees who supervise any Special Worker(s)
  • Treat everyone encountered, in any capacity at MA World Services, with dignity and respect

For more information on each Trustee position and role, please see the following pages: