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Every MA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions. – Marijuana Anonymous Tradition Seven

Each Marijuana Anonymous group functions to not only support itself, but MA as a whole. A group is not self-supporting until it pays its own expenses and maintains effort to contribute it’s fair share to the larger society of MA.  That is what is meant by “fully” self-supporting, since there would be no groups without the fellowship. A group that does not raise enough funds during meetings, may gain additional contributions by hosting events or fundraisers. The fellowship can continue to function when we come together and contribute to the society of MA. By doing so, we learn to truly be part of something greater than ourselves.

Where Your Contributions Go…

Marijuana Anonymous World Services uses contributions from members and groups to carry the MA message in a variety of ways, including always maintaining our website and ensuring MA literature is available. Contributions are additionally used to pay for the annual MA World Service business Conference, as well as the general expenses incurred by the Trustees in operating the business of MA, such as technology, accounting, and communication platforms.

 ”Marijuana Anonymous should remain forever nonprofessional, but our service centers may employ special workers.” –Tradition Eight

The large majority of the annual budget is dedicated to the small number of part-time Special Workers that MA World Services employs. There are IT employees dedicated to the maintenance and development of our website and app. Accounting employees are tasked with duties related to the MA World Services’ financal compliances with taxes and employee payroll requirements. There is also an Administrator who is responsible for supporting A New Leaf Publications, the publishing department of MA. We also utilize independent contractors for as-needed legal work, and to help foster the growth and development of our 501(c)(3) organization such as the Nonprofit Advisor / Publishing Consultant.

Suggestions when contributing to MA World Services:

Currently, MA World Services accepts contributions via Zelle, PayPal, Donorbox, and Check or Money Order.

**Please utilize the note sections to let us know if this contribution is from a Meeting/Group or District**

– To contribute via Zelle, use the email: [email protected]

* There are no transaction fees for sending contributions via Zelle

-Check or Money Orders can be sent to: 

Marijuana Anonymous World Services
ATTN: 7th Tradition
5551 Hollywood Blvd #1043
Hollywood, CA 90028-6814
United States

*Be advised, check and/or money orders will incur World Services a $3.00 fee.

Use the form below to contribute by Credit Card (in any of almost 40 currencies), PayPal, or Direct Bank Transfer (only for banks located in the United States).

* Due to transaction fees when using PayPal and Donorbox, fewer contributions of larger amounts are more cost effective.