MA World Services Hospitals & Institutions Trustee

The role of the MA World Services Hospitals & Institutions Trustee is to:

  • Respond to inquiries and requests from hospitals and institutions.
  • Explore and develop assorted media to facilitate meetings and districts/regions to carry the message to related facilities.
  • Be a resource for districts/regions and independent meetings (those outside established districts/regions) that inquire about carrying out H&I within their jurisdiction.
  • Annually review H&I Handbook and make changes if needed.
  • Approximate hours per month required to perform job: 6

For more information on World Services, please read the Service Manual.

Contact the Hospitals & Institutions Trustee:

Starting H&I Panel Meetings

Any MA member, group*, region, or district can establish and run H&I panel meetings. Please begin by reading the H&I Handbook. If you are a facility interested in hosting an H&I panel, please email the H&I Trustee.

H&I Panel Meeting Starter Kit

A starter kit contains everything needed to start an H&I panel meeting, complete the form below to request a kit. All information provided will be kept confidential. 

The H&I panel meeting starter kit can include:

  • 2 Life with Hope books (can be left with facility)
  • 1 Life with Hope workbook (can also be left with facility)
  • 2 of each of the following pamphlets (choose desired titles):
    • For the Newcomer; A Doctor’s Opinion; Detoxing from Marijuana; Dangers of Cross Addiction; Beginning Meditation; Stories by Teens
  • H&I Handbook (includes scripts and readings)

Facilities: If you are interested in hosting an H&I panel meeting and have an MA member helping you facilitate a panel, that member should complete this form.

If you are not in contact with an MA member, email the H&I Trustee to request a panel for your facility.

H&I Panel Meeting Starter Kit request form

  • 2 of each pamphlet will be provided if being mailed. All pamphlets will be included if being emailed.