What Happens at MA Meetings?

People discuss their problems with marijuana, what they did to recover, and what life is like now. We have found that as a group we can achieve for ourselves results which, as individuals, we failed at repeatedly.

All meetings are autonomous and formats vary from meeting to meeting. Sometimes there is a speaker. Sometimes we study the Steps or other literature. Many meetings have a topic for discussion.

If you have any questions that go unanswered, please introduce yourself to someone after the meeting and exchange phone numbers. We are all here to help.

Please remember that anonymity is the foundation of this program and that whatever is said at a meeting is not to leave that meeting.

Marijuana Anonymous has an informative pamphlet entitled, For the Newcomer.

What commitments do I make by attending an MA meeting?
None. There are no records or files kept, and you need not disclose anything about yourself if you don’t want to. No one will bother you if you do not wish to come back.

What happens if I meet people I know in MA?
Membership in MA is confidential and anonymous. Whom we see and what we hear in meetings is not mentioned outside of the meetings. People you know whom you see at meetings are there for the same reason you are and will respect your anonymity.

How much does MA membership cost?
Nothing. There are no dues or fees. MA meetings pay their bills through the voluntary contributions of those attending. A basket is passed at each meeting for contributions. Marijuana Anonymous is completely self-supporting.

Is MA a religious organization?
No, nor is it connected with any religious organization, sect, denomination, politics, institution, or any other organization whatsoever.

Is there much talk about God?
Most MA members come to believe in the idea of a power greater than themselves. Some call this power God. There is room in MA for all beliefs or no belief at all.

How do I find a meeting?
Advanced search functionality including location-based functions are available on this website. A list of lists is available here to help you find a meeting by type, location or by MA District. In-person meetings offer recovery unfiltered by technology, but when you cannot get to one, MA offers text and video online meetings, and internationally accessible phone meetings. Add to your in-person meeting experience by joining virtual meetings at other times.