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Please read about Starting a New Meeting and request a New Meeting Starter Kit before adding a new meeting to our website.

If you have already received a New Meeting Starting Kit, use the form below to add your meeting information to our website. Please allow us a few days to process your request.  An Outreach Representative may contact you for further information.  We will contact you after the meeting is added.

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  • Information about your meeting that will be displayed with your meeting on the website. You can describe clarifications about your meeting attributes. For in-person land meetings you can add directions to your meeting venue or meeting room. For phone meetings describe your access phone numbers and instructions. For online meetings, add information about your online meeting, link, passcode, and/or access phone number.
  • Add your contact phone, email address, and/or instructions so people can contact you for more information about your meeting or meeting passcodes. The website is public so be cautious about your contact information, your email should not contain your full name. For safety reasons, contact information is required for in-person land meetings that are held at private residences.