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COVID-19 Bulletin on Meetings

Many groups have temporarily closed their in-person meetings for health and safety issues due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Please check meeting contacts, your sponsor, your local District, or Regional websites for the most up to date meeting information.

Contingency plans have been made including virtual meetings via video or conference call services such as, Google, and as well as staying connected by phone, email and social media.  Use the Land tab below to see if a land meeting in your area has a virtual meeting alternative.

If in-person meetings have transitioned to virtual meetings find your meeting you want to update. Click the button to the right of your meeting. Complete and submit the form.

Phone and online meetings are available to everyone. Visit for information on phone meetings. Visit to participate in the chat room or online meetings, or see the Online tab for additional options including video chat. If you are feeling ill, please consider these options as an alternative to attending a meeting in person.

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  • If you are affected by another's marijuana use, visit our For Loved Ones page to find out more.
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