Frequent Questions

The following common questions and answers are provided to assist you in your recovery journey. If you have any other questions text or call +1 (800) 766-6779. You may also email [email protected] or [email protected] (these are interchangeable).

What is MA?

Marijuana Anonymous is a 12-Step program modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous, the founding recovery program of the Twelve Steps and Traditions. We are a mutual aid society of people who feel we have a problem with cannabis and a desire to quit using marijuana. We support each other in our choice to live free of marijuana one day at a time. MA has 300+ weekly meetings that can be attended for free all over the world virtually and by phone, with in-person meetings available in some areas as well.

“….MA is not affiliated with any religious or secular institution or organization and has no opinion on any outside controversies or causes. Our primary purpose is to stay free of marijuana and to help the marijuana addict who still suffers achieve the same freedom….” MA Preamble

How do I get started?

According to our Third Tradition, “The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using marijuana.” Anyone who thinks they may have a problem with cannabis, with any desire to stop, is welcome at our meetings. There is no need to register or sign up to attend. Simply start going to meetings. You can find meetings using our Meeting Finder. Need help finding a group near you or using the meeting finder? Contact us.

How do I receive MA’s Literature?

Here is a link to all of our pamphlets which can be accessed for free to view, download and print. For information about purchasing our literature, including books please visit A New Leaf Publications. You can also access all of our pamphlets, MA’s Life with Hope and Life with Hope Workbook, and other features such as a sobriety date counter in our app available in your mobile device’s app store.

What’s the difference between open and closed meetings?

Open meetings allow non-addicts (parents, spouses, friends, etc.) to attend, while closed meetings are for addicts only. If you think you may have a problem with marijuana/cannabis, or any THC products, you are welcome at both open and closed meetings.

I’m required to attend meetings. Does MA provide meeting verification?

MA often receives questions about how to prove that a person attended a meeting. There are various reasons, such as returning to work, for the courts, parole officer, etc. The person you are reporting to may have certain requirements, and we suggest you receive guidance from them prior to beginning this process (such as a specific paper to collect Meeting Secretary signatures or a template for gathering email verifications).

In-person meetings may be the easiest way to gather proof of attendance. You may have already received a paper to collect signatures. Some meetings have you place that paper in the 7th Tradition basket, or simply approach the person facilitating after the meeting has ended. If there are no in-person MA meetings in your area, you may consider attending a different 12-Step group.

For online meetings, we suggest you arrive early to chat with the Meeting Host or Co-Host and confirm they are willing to email your proof of attendance. MA Phone meetings have their own system for Meeting Verification, which applies to Phone meetings only.

Please note MA does not provide any drug testing or other assistance regarding the “return to work” process. Meeting attendance is often part of this process, and we can help you find meetings; however, attendance verification is at the discretion of each meeting. 

Do you have to believe in God to be a member of MA?

This quote from Marijuana Anonymous’ book Life with Hope, page 7 (Step Two) sheds light on this question:

It is not necessary to acquire a major God Consciousness to be able to cease using. All we need is to maintain an open mind and a hopeful heart. It is not necessary to say yes. It is, however, important to stop saying no. Observe the reality around you and the recovery taking place within MA. One only has to stop fighting. Higher Power means different things to different people. To some of us, it is a God of an organized religion; to others, it is a state of being commonly called spirituality. Some of us believe in no deity; a Higher Power may be the strength gained from being a part of, and caring for, a community of others. There is room in MA for all beliefs. We do not proselytize any particular view or religion. In MA each of us discovers a spirit of humility and tolerance, and each of us finds a Higher Power that works for us.

How do I find a Sponsor?

It is suggested to work the 12 Steps with the support and guidance of a sponsor. To find a sponsor, we suggest attending as many meetings as possible and announcing that you are looking for a sponsor. Once you find someone who you think would be a good fit, step out of your comfort zone, and ask if they are willing to be your sponsor or temporary sponsor. Read more: About Sponsorship.

What is MA’s opinion on the legalization of marijuana?

The Tenth Tradition of Marijuana Anonymous states:

Marijuana Anonymous has no opinion on outside issues; hence the MA name ought never be drawn into public controversy.
This tradition protects the integrity of the organization. From Marijuana Anonymous’ book Life with Hope, page 93:

Anything that can disrupt our unity, and interfere with our primary purpose of carrying the message to the marijuana addict who still suffers, should be avoided.

Therefore, MA has no opinion about the legalization of marijuana.

How long will THC remain in my system?

“Alcohol and other drugs typically leave the body in a couple of days or weeks. THC (the active chemical in cannabis) is stored in the fat cells. Therefore, the body can retain THC for several months after quitting. … Every body is different, and the length of detox time is unpredictable.” For more information see our pamphlet About Marijuana Detox.

Can MA help me get into rehab or treatment?

The 6th Tradition of Marijuana Anonymous prevents us from providing assistance with information for professional treatment services including rehab facilities. We encourage joining our meetings which can be attended in companion with professional services. MA meetings help many of us stay free from cannabis. MA has 300+ weekly meetings that can be attended for free all over the world virtually and by phone, with in-person meetings available in some areas as well. Visit the MA Meeting Finder to join. (still continue with quote below)

MA groups ought never endorse, finance, or lend the MA name to any related facility or outside enterprise, lest problems of money, property, and prestige divert us from our primary purpose.  Tradition 6

Can people under 18 attend MA?

We have members of all ages. According to Tradition 3, the only requirement for MA membership is a desire to stop using marijuana. Feel free to read our pamphlet “Stories by Teens” and for a list of meetings specific to Young People, click here

How do I help someone else who is addicted to Marijuana?

You can find most of our literature on this website. It explains who we are and how our program works. However, it is unlikely that literature alone will convince someone to quit using. A person cannot be forced or nagged or prodded into recovery; they must come to the realization on their own that they are an addict and powerless over marijuana. No chart, graph, or stack of pamphlets and books can convince someone that they have a problem if they themselves are unwilling to admit it. Willingness, open-mindedness, and honesty are vital components of a successful recovery program. These essential traits are not something a person can be “convinced” to possess; they can only come from within. Please see the For the Loved Ones of Marijuana Addicts section of our website.

Is there a separate program for the family and loved ones of marijuana addicts?

Marijuana Anonymous has a webpage for Loved Ones that is an excellent resource for those looking for help for a loved one. Mar-Anon is a separate 12-Step Program for those who are affected by another’s use of cannabis.   We also suggest you read our pamphlets, For the Loved Ones of Marijuana Addicts and Stories by Teens.

How do I receive milestone chips?

Marijuana Anonymous does not directly sell milestone chips or sobriety tokens, but we do provide licenses to third-party vendors and MA members who wish to use the MA logo on chips, tokens, or other related items.  For a current list of authorized vendors, and to download free virtual chips visit:

What is the effect of marijuana on pregnancy?

Marijuana Anonymous has no opinion on outside issues including medical advice or opinions. MA does not know what effect marijuana may have on pregnancy. Some members may have more experience in that area than others, but no more so than the general population. That is a medical question best answered by medical professionals.