A Word About Sponsorship

(Conference-approved announcement for meeting scripts and formats)

A Sponsor is a fellow addict with a working knowledge of the Twelve Steps, who lives by the principles, and has a solid program in their life.  

Look for someone who inspires you to work the Steps and is working a program you admire. Experience has shown that having a Sponsor is of great value and importance in recovery. We hope you make it a priority. With their experience, strength, and hope, Sponsors compassionately guide and challenge you in recovery.

While there are no set rules, as a guideline, we suggest avoiding anyone with whom there is a possibility of a romantic or physical relationship. Sponsorship should be a safe relationship. Find someone you can trust and with whom you can be honest.

Do not be afraid to ask someone to Sponsor you. You could inquire if they would consider being your Temporary Sponsor. In time, you will know if the relationship is working and should become more permanent.

 May we please have a show of hands of all those who are available to Sponsor?

Frequently Asked Questions About Sponsorship:

What is Sponsorship?

Sponsorship is one recovering person talking to another recovering person. Through sharing, both individuals enrich their lives. The sponsor and the sponsee meet as equals, discuss recovery issues, work the Steps and the program.

For the newcomer, a sponsor is a special person with whom they can discuss problems, ask questions, and through whom they can gain an understanding of recovery through the 12-Step program.

Is a sponsor required?

No, sponsorship is a valuable aid in recovery, but it is not required.

Is it important to have a sponsor?

Yes, a relationship with a sponsor is an important tool in recovery. It is often the beginning development of an ability to trust others and communicate effectively. Having frequent, close contact with another member of the program provides an opportunity to process issues that one might be unwilling to raise in front of the group.