The Twelve Concepts for Service in Marijuana Anonymous

  1. The Marijuana Anonymous Service Structure was created to give the groups the freedom to carry out our society’s primary purpose of carrying the message to marijuana addicts.
  2. The ultimate authority and responsibility for service in Marijuana Anonymous is the collective conscience of the groups.
  3. The Marijuana Anonymous groups have delegated to its Service Committees and Trusted Servants the full authority to conduct Marijuana Anonymous’ business and service regarding District as well as World affairs.
  4. All members of a Service Committee have the “Right of Participation,” and bear substantial responsibility for the Service Committee’s decisions.
  5. Group conscience is the spiritual means by which service decisions are made.
  6. A “Right of Appeal” exists to protect minority opinions, and to ensure that all viewpoints have been considered in the decision making process.
  7. The scope of responsibility and authority of every service position should be well defined to ensure accountability of all service positions as well as the ability to perform each position.
  8. Effective leadership qualities are essential for Trustees, who are entrusted with the responsibility of making final decisions regarding general World Service business and finances.
  9. The Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of Marijuana Anonymous World Services are legal documents that empower the Trustees to manage and conduct World Service business; the Conference Charter is not a legal document but relies on the force of the Traditions and power of the group conscience.
  10. The integrity of our Service Structure depends on continued unity of Marijuana Anonymous Groups, Districts, and World Services through effective communication.
  11. Marijuana Anonymous’ funds and resources should be managed responsibly to ensure their most efficient use in carrying out the primary purpose of Marijuana Anonymous.
  12. The Marijuana Anonymous Service Structure should be one of selfless service and not of power or government, ensuring that the spiritual principles of the 12 Steps12 Traditions, and the warranties of Article 12 of the Conference Charter are always maintained.

Approved by the World Service Conference of Marijuana Anonymous, May 1996

We look to the Twelve Concepts for Service as we conduct the business of MA. They provide guidance as to how we participate responsibly through the various levels of our fellowship’s service structure.

MA World Services Committees need your support, learn more and volunteer in MA!

GENERAL WARRANTIES OF THE CONFERENCE: In all its proceedings, the World Service Conference shall observe the spirit of the M.A. TRADITIONS, taking care that the Conference never becomes the seat of perilous wealth or power; that sufficient operating funds, plus an ample reserve, be its prudent financial principle; that none of the Conference members shall ever be placed in a position of unqualified authority over any of the others; that all important decisions be reached by discussion, vote, and whenever possible, by substantial unanimity; that no Conference action ever be personally punitive or an incitement to public controversy; that though the Conference may act for the service of MA, it shall never perform any acts of government; and that, like the SOCIETY OF M.A. which it serves, the Conference itself will always remain democratic in thought and action.