Marijuana Anonymous World Services

World Services

Our Bylaws mandate that we have an odd number of no less than 7 nor more than 21 Trustees (updated at Conference 2020). When there are more jobs than trustees, one or more trustees will be responsible for more than one job. The trustee body will apportion jobs to trustees as it sees fit.

Two years of sobriety from marijuana and all mind-altering chemicals is required. One year of Trustee experience is recommended.

The following are responsibilities and conditions expected of all Trustees:

  • Two years of sobriety from marijuana and all mind-altering chemicals is required.
  • Understand and work within MA’s Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts for Service.
  • Facilitate regular (1-2 times / month minimum) communication among Trustees.
  • Respond to questions and requests for help in a timely manner (10 calendar days or less).
  • Register on the MAWS Forum providing input and feedback throughout the year and guiding Committee work where appropriate.
  • Attend and participate in all Trustee meetings.
  • Post report of quarterly activity to Trustees’ online networking system 20 days in advance of each Quarterly Trustee Meeting.
  • Act as Chair for their specific Committee at the annual Conference, or appoint a suitable Chairperson.
  • Maintain regular (12 times / month minimum) communication with other Trustees.
  • Annually review Job Description in the Service Manual. If changes are needed, draft
  • Conference Agenda Item to make the changes.
  • Prepare a written report of annual activities. Provide the report to the Office
  • Manager in electronic format in advance of the Conference. Present the report at the annual Conference.
  • Direct the work of the Conference Committee throughout the year and meet all mandated deadlines as directed by the Conference and the Service Manual.
  • Must have easy online access to Internet and email.

MAWS Trustee Positions

Approximate hours per month required to perform job: 20-30, depending on time of year.

  • Act as first point of contact to Office Manager for operational concerns.
  • Following each Conference:
    • Prepare, assign to appropriate Trustee and distribute the Conference Action Item list. Follow up to ensure the tasks are completed.
    • Ensure notification of the host Districts for future Conferences and Conventions, as decided at the Conference.
    • Circulate the prior year’s Trustee Roster and (create) a new Trustee Roster to the current Trustees/Alternate Trustees.
    • Review Conference Minutes as prepared by Office Manager for accuracy and approve distribution to the fellowship.
    • Prepare, distribute and include the Conference Trustee Organizational Meeting Minutes on the first quarter Trustee meeting agenda for approval.
  • Encourage and support all other Trustees, the Office Manager, ANLP Volunteers and Delegates to give their best effort in service to MA.
  • Chair Trustee Meetings or ensure suitable chairperson is available.
  • Organize Conference Agenda Committee and ensure agenda is drafted 90 days prior to Conference.
  • Schedule three interim Trustee meetings, draft and distribute Agenda 15 days prior to each Trustee Meeting and ensure meeting time and place is arranged.
  • Facilitate dispute resolution amongst Trustees, if they arise.
  • Be available as a resource to the MAWS Office Manager, Trustees and MA in general.
  • Act as liaison (along with Literature Trustee) to A New Leaf Publications.
  • Take reasonable action to ensure MAWS commitments are met.
  • Annually review Office Manager’s Job Description in the Service Manual. If changes are needed, draft Conference Agenda Item to make the changes.
  • Proactively plan for MA’s growth.

Approximate hours per month required to perform job: 6

  • Make teleconference meeting arrangements for Trustee meetings outside of Conference and provide instructions to Trustees and meeting participants.
  • Take Minutes of the Trustee meetings and forward drafts to Trustees for approval following each meeting.
  • Send approved Trustee Meeting Minutes to Delegates, Office Manager, ANLP and Trustees.
  • Following the approval of the previous meeting’s Minutes, prepare a summary bullet point list of items, for approval by the Trustees. The approved summary is then sent to the Delegates (within 10 days) and submitted to ANLP for publication in A New Leaf.
  • Provide meeting Minutes to Office Manager for archival.
  • Facilitate voting on trustee conference calls. This includes doing a roll call, confirming that a quorum is present and tallying the vote along with the President.

Approximate hours per month required to perform job: 12

Suggested Eligibility: Previous service as MAWS Treasurer or at least 2 years of service eligibility remaining.

  • Maintain bank account records and insure that deposits and bill payments are made.
  • Manages, in conjunction with the Internet Trustee when appropriate, all online financial accounts and services, including online payroll, payment and accounting services.
  • Act as liaison to bookkeeper, accountant and tax preparer, ensuring their access to financial records as appropriate.
  • Act as liaison to District Treasurers and collect monthly financial reports from Districts using the MAWS Taxpayer Identification Number.
  • Provide to Trustees, Delegates and ANLP quarterly financial reports, including income and expense statements, comparison of actual and budgeted expenditures and a narrative or executive summary suitable for presentation at DSC meetings.
  • Insure that control of bank accounts and online financial services is transferred to successor within 30 calendar days of assuming the position. Ensure sufficiency of written accounting and transition procedures.
  • Ensure that accounting, payroll and other financial systems meet the needs of the Fellowship.

Approximate hours per month required to perform job: 8 (dependent upon projects)

  • Oversee the creation of new literature, including foreign language translations.
  • Act as liaison to ANLP and MA Districts for all matters concerning MAWS literature.

Hospitals and Institutions
Approximate hours per month required to perform job: 6

Respond to inquiries and requests from hospitals, institutions and other inquiries pertaining to MA in hospitals and institutions.
Explore and develop assorted media to facilitate meetings and districts to carry the message to hospitals and institutions.
Be a resource for Districts and Independent Meetings (meetings outside established Districts) that inquire about carrying out HI within their jurisdictions.
Annually review Hospitals and Institutions Handbook in the Service Manual. If changes are needed, draft Conference Agenda Item to make the changes.

Public Information
Approximate hours per month required to perform job: 8

  • Work proactively to inform groups and organizations about MA and what we do. Examples include hospitals, jails, counselors, wellness centers, crisis hotlines, treatment centers and schools. Update such groups and organizations with information about how to reach us and design and facilitate mass mailings in areas not presently covered by MA Districts.
  • Respond to inquiries that may come in from any of the aforementioned institutions and be ready to answer questions about MA, understanding MA’s traditions and “position” (no opinion on outside issues) with a focus on MA’s primary purpose, to carry the message of recovery through the Twelve Steps to the addict who still suffers.
  • Explore and develop Public Service Announcements in a variety of formats, including but not limited to:
  • Letters addressed directly to the aforementioned institutions.
  • Flyers to post in any publicly visible and appropriate space—bulletin boards everywhere, telephone poles, schools, wellness centers, grocery stores.
  • Radio & Video PSAs.
  • Press releases in newspapers and magazines.
  • Social Media websites.
    Be a resource for Districts and Independent Meetings (meetings outside established Districts) that inquire about carrying out PI within their jurisdictions.

Policy and Procedures
Approximate hours per month required to perform job: 6

  • Ensure that the Service Manual is updated by the Office Manager according to the instructions of the MAWS Conference.
  • Proactively explore and present ideas to improve upon the Service Manual.
  • Work proactively to understand and ensure that MAWS adheres to the Twelve Traditions of MA.
  • Address issues that need clarification of MAWS policy.

Internet Trustee
Approximate hours per month required to perform job: 4–8

  • Promote MA’s online presence.
  • Manage MAWS Internet properties including websites, mobile app and worldwide database of meetings.
  • Proactively develop new ways to use information technology to carry the message to the addict who still suffers.
  • Ensure that Internet Service Providers, e.g. hosting, payment processing and code repositories, are a competitive value.
  • Monitor and report on statistics for MAWS Internet properties.
  • Recruit and supervise Webmaster, system administrators and software developers for MAWS Internet properties.
  • Maintain access credentials for MAWS Internet properties, including website, database, service providers, codebase repositories and app store accounts.
  • Serve as custodian of MAWS codebase and signing keys for the mobile app and other custom software developed by or for MAWS.

Approximate hours per month required to perform job: 6

  • Follow up by phone or email, with people who have received Starter Packets (sent by the Office Manager) to answer questions and provide guidance.
  • Maintain a minimum of quarterly correspondence/contact with Independent Meetings. This could be done via an email newsletter or at the discretion of the Trustee.
  • Assist Office Manager in gathering Independent Meeting information for Worldwide Directory updates.
  • Act as liaison between Independent Meetings and MAWS.
  • Act as liaison to non-US Districts and to Independent Meetings.
  • Facilitate participation of non-US Delegates in MAWS business.
  • Proactively develop ideas and strategies that support worldwide MA growth. Special consideration and care should be made when interacting with international communities with respect to potential differences in culture and community.
  • Confer with Trustees and ANLP regarding translations of MAWS literature and media.

Conferences and Conventions Trustee
Approximate hours per month required to perform job: TBD

  • Gather and archive information about past events including budgets, site selection, committees and procedures, useful templates or forms, timelines and checklists.
  • Maintain a roster of people on past hosting committees available for mentoring.
  • Create “trend” reports for past conference and convention costs including (but not limited to) travel, production and food costs.