World Services

Marijuana Anonymous World Services

Marijuana Anonymous World Services (MAWS) serves the society of MA. It serves those addicts who need to know how to start a group, meet in a hospital or institution, disseminate information to the public, and cooperate with professionals. 

MAWS provides information to groups that want to create a new district or region, or send their representatives to the MAWS Conference. In these and related activities, MAWS plays a crucial part in our service activities. MAWS writes, approves, and publishes literature, including the Service Manual. It engages in other activities that help districts, regions, and groups stay united and in communication. It performs most of the background work and coordinates all that is necessary for district and region representatives to meet annually to build unity through our experience, strength, and hope. This annual meeting is called the Marijuana Anonymous World Service Conference.

Trustee Positions:

Our Bylaws mandate that we have trustees who also serve as corporate directors. There shall be an odd number of no less than 7 nor more than 21 Trustees (updated at the 2020 Conference). When there are more jobs than trustees, one or more trustees will be responsible for more than one job. The trustee body will apportion jobs to trustees as it sees fit.

Two years of sobriety from marijuana and all mind-altering chemicals is required. One year of delegate experience is recommended.

The following are responsibilities and conditions expected of all trustees:

  • Two years of sobriety from marijuana and all mind-altering chemicals, including alcohol, is required
  • Understand and work within the Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts for Service of MA
  • Facilitate regular (1-2 times a month minimum) communication among trustees
  • Respond to questions and requests for help in a timely manner (10 calendar days or less)
  • Prepare a quarterly report and submit it to the board of trustees by uploading it in the appropriate Google Drive folder
  • Attend and participate in all trustee meetings
  • Post report of quarterly activity to trustees’ online system in advance of each trustee meeting
  • Act as Chair for their specific committee at the annual conference, or appoint a suitable chairperson
  • Maintain regular (12 times a year minimum) communication with other trustees
  • Annually review job description in the service manual, and if changes are needed, draft conference agenda item to make the changes
  • Prepare a written report of annual activities, uploading the report in the appropriate Google Drive folder in advance of the conference, and presenting the report at the annual conference
  • Direct the work of their conference committee throughout the year and meet all mandated deadlines as directed by the conference and the service manual
  • Must have reliable access to internet and email years of sobriety from marijuana and all mind-altering substances is required.

For more information on each Trustee position and role, please see the following pages: