Marijuana Anonymous World Services

Marijuana Anonymous World Services serves the society of MA. It serves those addicts who need to know how to start a group, meet in a hospital or institution, disseminate information to the public, and cooperate with professionals. 

MA World Services provides information to groups that want to create a new District or Region, or send their representatives to the MA World Service Conference. In these and related activities, World Services plays a crucial part in our service activities including writing and approving literature, including the Service Manual. It engages in other activities that help districts, regions, and groups stay united and in communication. It performs most of the background work and coordinates all that is necessary for District and Region representatives to meet annually to build unity through our experience, strength, and hope. This annual meeting is called the Marijuana Anonymous World Service Conference.

The inverted pyramid (seen below) is the model for the Service Structure of MA. The World-Service level serves the District level, and the District level serves the Meeting/Group level. That being said, at each level of the pyramid the goal is to fulfill the primary purpose of MA, as stated in the Fifth Tradition – to carry the message of recovery from marijuana addiction to the marijuana addict who still suffers.

MA World Services Trustees

Marijuana Anonymous World Services is a nonprofit corporation formed to carry out the necessary business and legal affairs of Marijuana Anonymous. Trustees are the Trusted Servants and Officers of MA World Services. Our Bylaws mandate that we have Trustees who also serve as Corporate Directors. Two years of sobriety from marijuana and all mind-altering chemicals, including alcohol, is required. One year of Delegate experience is recommended.

When there are more jobs than Trustees, one or more Trustees will be responsible for more than one job. The Trustee Body will apportion jobs to Trustees as it sees fit. Each Trustee holds a particular position (President, Secretary, Treasurer, H&I, PI, Literature, etc.) and acts as Chair for their specific World Service Committee to ensure the committee meets all mandated deadlines as directed by the MA World Service Conference and the Service Manual.

Read the Trustee Job Descriptions for more information

MA World Service Committees

World-Service level committees and the Board of Trustees serve the fellowship and utilize group conscience to support matters that affect the Society of Marijuana Anonymous. The committees conduct service work throughout the year and sometimes make recommendations to the Conference Body to be voted on by District Delegates and Trustees in a general assembly.

Each Delegate and Trustee is expected to serve on at least one committee, and all MA members are invited and welcome to participate in any number of committees at the World Service and District Service levels.

All members of a Service Committee have the “Right of Participation,” and bear substantial responsibility for the Service Committee’s decisions”

-MA’s 4th Concept for Service

Learn more and participate in the various World-Service Level Committees

For information about MA World Services events and committees subscribe to the free monthly e-newsletter Carry the Message

A New Leaf Publications

A New Leaf Publications is the publishing department of Marijuana Anonymous and is responsible for publishing the following materials:

  • Life with Hope book and 12 Step Workbook
  • MA Pamphlets
  • Service Manual
  • New Meeting Starter Kits
  • Living Every Day with Hope (newly Conference-approved, coming soon!)
  • A New Leaf Newsletter

A New Leaf

A New Leaf is the monthly literary publication for Marijuana Anonymous (similar to the AA Grapevine magazine). A New Leaf contains MA member-submitted stories and other creative expressions sharing experience, strength, and hope in recovery. It also publishes sobriety birthdays when MA members submit them.

What A New Leaf newsletter is not – Carry the Message!  All the love for Carry the Message, which is a service-based, free digital e-newsletter, but they aren’t the same. A New Leaf is a literary publication that carries stories of experience, strength, and hope directly from members.

Members who would like to subscribe to A New Leaf please use this link:


*Orders for print versions of MA service materials are fulfilled by A New Leaf Publications, such as the New Meeting Starter Kit, Info Pack, and the Service Manual.

**Orders for the 12 Step Workbook in print, and Life with Hope in both print & eBook, will be fulfilled by an outside vendor.

For more information about A New Leaf Publications: [email protected] |