Marijuana Anonymous World Services

Outreach Policies Trustee Description

  • Proactively develop ideas and strategies that support worldwide MA growth, with special consideration and care being made when interacting with international communities in respect to potential differences in culture and community
  • Confer with Trustees, Literature committee, and A New Leaf Publications regarding translations of MA World Services literature and media (work with P&P and Literature Trustees to develop policies and procedures regarding translations of literature? And affordable access to literature)
  • Addresses questions, complaints and concerns from members, meetings and Districts/Regions using the Trustee Best Practices documents as needed to ensure that responses to complaints are consistent with MA’s 12 Traditions, the Service Manual, MA Bylaws, MA policies and procedures, and all applicable laws to protect MA as a 501(c)(3) corporation
  • Provide support to members, meetings, Districts/Regions regarding MA’s 12 Traditions, Policies & Procedures, and Robert’s Rules (e.g. providing support re: holding DSC/RSC meetings to new Districts/Regions, answering questions from members and meetings, and attend business meetings to provide support as needed
  • Proactively develop guidelines, tutorials, panels, handbooks, and other resources to support, empower, and educate regarding MA’s Service Structure, policies and procedures, the 12 Traditions, and the Service Manual 
  • Oversee the Representation and Accessibility (R&A) subcommittee of the Outreach Committee
    • Ensure they have a chair (or act as the chair) and meet regularly
    • Attend meetings and provide support to R&A subcommittee, especially regarding MA World Services’ policies and procedures, and adherence to MA’s 12 Traditions
    • Assist R&A with responding to concerns raised by members of the fellowship.

Contact: [email protected]

Performing Representation & Accessibility Service

Any MA member, meeting, region, or district can do service for other MA members. Please begin by reading the R&A page