Online Meeting Safety Suggestions

Just like in-person MA meetings, online meetings are anonymous, autonomous, may have business meetings, and may collect Seventh Tradition contributions

Among MA members, there are various levels of experience in the use of computers, email, and the internet. It is important to remember that not all MA members have computers that can be used for internet streaming or audio/video conferencing. Many online meeting platforms enable phone options for these attendees. 

During the beginning of 2020, many meetings had changed format from in-person to online. Individual meetings have taken on security precautions to ensure the safety of their meetings. Many online platforms enable features such as: 

  • Enabling waiting room and/or breakout rooms to prevent large groups of “bombers” or individual intruders
  • Requiring video displays
  • Preventing screen sharing from participants
  • Closing or limiting chat functionality
  • Muting or unmuting participants

It is important to note that each group conscience should decide how to best use these tools for optimal meeting structure and safety. 

Zoom is one platform, among many, on which MA members choose to host online meetings. For additional tips and tricks, please see this instructional PDF on Zoom meeting safety: “Keeping Our Meetings Safe from Zoom Bombers