MA World Services President

The role of the MA World Services President is to:

  • Act as the first point of contact to the Office Administrator for operational concerns.
  • Following each conference:
    • Prepare, assign to the appropriate trustee, and distribute the Conference Action Item list. Follow up to ensure tasks are completed.
    • Ensure notification of host districts/regions for future conferences and conventions, as decided at the conference.
    • Circulate the prior year’s trustee roster and (create) a new trustee roster to the current trustees/alternate trustees.
    • Review conference minutes as prepared by the Office Administrator for accuracy, and approve distribution to the fellowship.
    • Prepare, distribute, and include the trustee’s conference organizational meeting minutes on the first quarter trustee meeting agenda for approval.
  • Encourage and support all other trustees, the Office Administrator, ANLP volunteers, and conference delegates to give their best effort in service to MA.
  • Chair trustee meetings, or ensure a suitable chairperson is available.
  • Organize Conference Agenda Committee, and ensure an agenda is drafted 90 days prior to the next conference.
  • Schedule regular trustee meetings, draft and distribute an agenda 15 days prior to each meeting, and ensure meeting time and place is arranged.
  • Facilitate dispute resolution amongst trustees if they arise.
  • Be available as a resource to the Office Administrator, trustees and MA in general.
  • Act as liaison (along with Literature Trustee) to A New Leaf Publications.
  • Take reasonable action to ensure World Services’ commitments are met.
  • Annually review Office Administrator’s job description, and adjust if needed.
  • Proactively plan for MA’s growth.
  • Approximate hours per month required to perform the job: 20-30, depending on time of year.

For more information on World Services, please read the Service Manual.

Contact the President Trustee: