MA World Services Treasurer

The role of the MA World Services Treasurer is to:

  • Maintain bank account records, and insure that deposits and bill payments are made.
  • Manage, in conjunction with the Internet Trustee when appropriate, all financial accounts and services, including payroll, payments, and accounting services.
  • Act as liaison to the bookkeeper, accountant, and tax preparer, ensuring their access to financial records as appropriate.
  • Act as liaison to district treasurers, and collect monthly financial reports from districts using the MAWS Taxpayer ID Number.
  • Provide quarterly financial reports to trustees, delegates, and ANLP Board, including income and expense statements, comparison of actual and budgeted expenditures, and a narrative or executive summary suitable for presentation at district/region meetings.
  • Ensure that control of bank accounts and financial services is transferred within 30 calendar days of a successor assuming the position. Ensure sufficiency of written accounting and transition procedures.
  • Ensure that accounting, payroll, and other financial systems meet the needs of the Fellowship.
  • Suggested eligibility: Previous service as World Services Treasurer, or at least 2 years of service eligibility remaining.
  • Approximate hours per month required to perform job: 12

For more information on World Services, please read the Service Manual.

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