MAWS Conference

Marijuana Anonymous World Services holds its annual Conference in May each year. The location of the Conference is determined at a previous Conference. Guidelines for districts interested in hosting the conference are in place (see MAWS Service Manual).

The Marijuana Anonymous World Service Conference is the forum at which group conscience throughout MA is expressed, and decisions are made that affect MA as a whole. The Conference is also where much of MAWS work is performed. Trustees and committee chairs are selected at the MAWS Conference. The Conference also provides the opportunity to meet MA members from other districts and share experience, strength and hope. This sharing provides the unity that binds all members to our common purpose.

The Marijuana Anonymous World Service Conference usually occurs over Memorial Day weekend each year. The Conference has several different types of meetings. There is usually an opening general meeting at which points of general interest are discussed and the conference agenda is approved. At that meeting, a list of candidates for trustee elections is also established.

Much of the actual work of the Conference is conducted in separate committee meetings. There are several committees, and each voting conference member is also a member of a particular committee. Each committee conducts its own work and prepares reports and recommendations to be voted on at the general session.

It is at the general business sessions that proposals are made by committees and others. Here decisions are made that affect Marijuana Anonymous the society, as well as Marijuana Anonymous World Services the corporation. Because these sessions have a large number of members in attendance, and the agenda is frequently quite full, general business meetings are formal and often strictly conducted. A modified form of Rules of Order (Service Manual, Chapter 16) is applied to assure that business meetings stay focused and organized.

The procedure for obtaining Conference Approval of Work is as set forth in Chapter 19 of the Service Manual. The term “Work” is defined as any artistic work or composition including, but not limited to: text, graphics, audio and/or video.

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