Marijuana Anonymous World Services

Making a commitment to service work helps us stay clean and sober, and to “keep coming back.” It gives us the opportunity to practice loving unselfishness and benefits our own recovery, as well as the recovery of every member in our group.

Each MA meeting has volunteers to perform certain duties for the group. A meeting needs a Secretary. As a meeting grows, you’ll need to select a Treasurer, a Literature Person, and (if there is more than one meeting in your area), a Group Service Representative to the District. Other service positions might include a Chip Person, a Refreshments Person, a Greeter, a Timer, and a Clean-Up Coordinator.

The MA Service Manual includes information about each of these positions. Meeting officer positions have suggested term limits. Rotation ensures that everyone has the chance to serve and prevents the concentration of “power” among a limited few. We remember that humility is the spiritual essence of anonymity.