Change Log

MA is always working to make improvements to our website. Below is an archive of those changes.

February 2022

  • Added Newsletter button to Books & Resources page and moved Life with Hope button closer to the top of the list

January 2022

  • Implemented this change log
  • Added link to this change log at the bottom of the website footer

December 2022

November 2022

  • Changed the Meetings menu:
    • Changed Online Meeting Safety Suggestions to Online Safety
    • Moved Suggested Meeting Format and Online Safety under What Happens at MA Meetings?
    • Changed Update Meeting Instructions to Update a Meeting and moved it under List a New Meeting

August 2022

  • Moved District / Region Directory under Service | District / Region Level Service
  • Added District / Region Directory under Contact Us

May 2022

  • Created interactive Support Form with categories to help the newcomer (myself), those affected by another’s marijuana use (someone else), and for guidance on meeting creation and updates. Some topics provide instant answers while others are offer a contact form to request support.

April 2022

  • Enhanced meeting listing forms to reduce confusion by screening for service members to complete the proper form to list or update a meeting.
  • Improved the meeting update form to expand only the relevant portions of the form the service member is requesting to update.