Log of Dynamic Improvements

The MA Internet Committee consistently works to improve our website. The log below tracks new content and changes, particularly to navigation. If you have any questions, email Internet@Marijuana-Anonymous.org

November 2023

  • Redesigned the Home page with a new slideshow on basic call to action questions and action buttons
  • New Professional webpage
  • Updated the For The Loved Ones of Marijuana Addicts page with green highlighted “Who is a Marijuana Addict” quote on top.
  • Added Living Every Day With Hope slide and link to the MA Daily Reader page.
  • Updated the navigation moving A Word About Sponsorship to the How It Works > Sponsorship menu.

October 2023

  • Press page updated with info on PI Trustee contact and links to public articles about MAWS
  • Added MA is Hiring button

September 2023

  • Simplified the Service navigation menu so the Committees are not cut off
  • Added info and date for the 2024 MA World Conference
  • Updated navigation menu for Services
  • New web pages for explanation of the committees, current projects, email links, and job descriptions of the trustee/chair responsible.
  • Created a page with the general Trustee job description and links to all of the expanded Trustee job descriptions
  • Updated the Service Manual download file and page for version 8.0.

August 2023

  • Enhanced the home page: Emphasized key phrases “Do you have a problem”, “Simple program”, and “one addict helping another” with links to respective site web pages. Added picture for “The Power of a Group ” linking to Meeting Finder. Added “The Twelve Questions of Marijuana Anonymous” slide show

July 2023

  • Added “Am I An Addict” button on all web pages 

May 2023

  • Added ability to add MA meetings in advance of their start date

April 2023

  • Added ability for MA Districts to display their MA meetings 

February 2023

  • Added Newsletter button to Books & Resources page and moved Life with Hope button closer to the top of the list

January 2023

  • Implemented this change log
  • Added link to this change log at the bottom of the website footer

December 2022

November 2022

  • Changed the Meetings menu:
    • Changed Online Meeting Safety Suggestions to Online Safety
    • Moved Suggested Meeting Format and Online Safety under What Happens at MA Meetings?
    • Changed Update Meeting Instructions to Update a Meeting and moved it under List a New Meeting

August 2022

  • Moved District / Region Directory under Service | District / Region Level Service
  • Added District / Region Directory under Contact Us

May 2022

  • Created interactive Support Form with categories to help the newcomer (myself), those affected by another’s marijuana use (someone else), and for guidance on meeting creation and updates. Some topics provide instant answers while others are offer a contact form to request support.

April 2022

  • Enhanced meeting listing forms to reduce confusion by screening for service members to complete the proper form to list or update a meeting.
  • Improved the meeting update form to expand only the relevant portions of the form the service member is requesting to update.