MA Program Information for Health Professionals

Thank you for your interest in Marijuana Anonymous!

As a health professional or student, we invite you to become better acquainted with the MA program and have curated the contents on this page for your use. First, we would like to explain the basics, Marijuana Anonymous follows the same 12-step approach that has been successfully used by Alcoholics Anonymous. Founded in 1989, our primary purpose is to stay free of marijuana and to help other marijuana addicts who still suffer to achieve the same freedom. 

As professionals serving those entering recovery, you are in a unique position to refer those with cannabis use disorder to a 12-Step program specifically focused on their needs as marijuana addicts. At our meetings, newcomers often express a grateful sense of belonging in MA they don’t experience in other recovery programs as they are introduced to a Life with Hope. Thank you for helping us to bring awareness to Marijuana Anonymous, and to carry the message of MA to those who seek recovery from marijuana addiction. 

We want to help you to help others…

You may be asking yourself, how can we help you?  We want to ensure that we respond to any request for program information and support in a timely manner. The MA Newcomer Support strives to maintain a 48 hour response time. Contact us by call, text, or email. +1-800-766-6779 or [email protected]

Additionally, Marijuana Anonymous is willing to help host MA meetings and speaker panels within facilities such as treatment centers, schools, hospitals, and jails. These meetings are facilitated and run by members of Marijuana Anonymous, not the institution’s staff. If attendance is limited to people in the institution, the meeting is not listed on Marijuana Anonymous websites. The MA World Services Hospital and Institution (H&I) Trustee can support these types of H&I meetings and provide more information. If the institution is located within a specific MA District, you may want to reach out directly to that District which may have a local Hospital and Institution committee.  

Information and Resources

We have curated this section for general information. Should you have any further questions please feel free to email [email protected]

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We greatly appreciate you including Marijuana Anonymous in your resource directory!