MA World Services currently has fourteen committees, subcommittees, and ad hoc committees (as needed). Conferences & Conventions (CoCo), Ad Hoc Conference Agenda Committee, Finance, Hospitals & Institutions (H&I), Internet, Literature, Literature Translations Subcommittee, Stories Subcommittee, Newcomer Support, Outreach, Representation & Accessibility Outreach Subcommittee, Public Information (PI), Website Redesign PI Subcommittee, and Policies and Procedures (P&P). 

The MA World Service Committees serve as an example and provide guidance for District-level Subcommittees through Committee Handbooks. Committee handbooks are living documents. There are some which have been recently revised, some are in development, and some have yet to be developed. Whenever committees exist at the District-level it is a very valuable asset to have the chairperson of that committee or another representative of the District join the respective World Services Committees so that we may all support each other as our fellowship grows.

To learn more about the World Services Committees visit our Committees page.


Hospitals and Institutions (H&I) Handbook (as of May 2024)

Newcomer Support Response Guide (as of May 2024)

Outreach Committee Handbook (as of June 2020)

Safety Handbook – Outreach Committee (as of August 2023

Public Information (PI) – Public Social Media Handbook (as of May 2024)

In Development

A New Leaf Publications Best Practices – [email protected]

Convention Handbook – [email protected]

Finance Handbook – [email protected]

Literature Handbook – [email protected]

Literature Translations Guidebook – [email protected]

Additional Service Materials

Trustee Handbook

Special Worker Handbook