Other Pamphlets

2021 Membership Survey

MA has thousands of members around the world on six continents and in at least twenty countries, but World Services has never before conducted a survey of its membership. In 2021, the board of trustees and staff decided to undertake a survey to help keep members and the general public informed on current trends in membership characteristics. The survey also provides information about MA to the professional community as part of MA’s purpose to carry the message to those who still suffer from marijuana addiction.
635 members responded to the survey, without any personally identifiable information recorded, to maintain our members’ anonymity. Characteristics such as gender identity, race, age range, marital status, etc., were asked about. Announcements about the survey were made in a range of MA meetings, in closed MA groups on Facebook, and via the World Services’ newsletter “Carry the Message.” The goal of future surveys is to have an even broader reach to more members, capturing our membership’s growing diversity.
A version of this pamphlet is available from MA World Services with crop marks included for professional printing in bulk. Please email [email protected] for that version.