Meeting Public Information

Getting the word out to the community is essential. With permission, flyers can be posted on bulletin boards in libraries, places of worship, hospitals, community centers, residential and outpatient rehab facilities, and places where other 12-Step meetings are held such as Alano clubs and other meeting houses. Flyers can also be distributed to psychologists and psychiatrists in the community, along with MA Pamphlets and District meeting calendars or guides they can distribute to their patients.

Tradition Eleven reminds us that our program works by “attraction rather than promotion.” However, it is okay to post a flyer announcing where and when the meeting is held or to advertise MA meetings to psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians and other healthcare providers who can refer their patients to MA. For more information about our public relations policy read the expanded version of Tradition Eleven within Life with Hope.

Use of MA’s Trademarks on Flyers

MA entities may use the MA name and logo on flyers, but subject to some limitations. For flyers advertising events, the MA logo can only be used if the event includes a recovery-based activity, such as a meeting or speaker, in addition to any fellowship activities. For events that are purely social in nature, the MA name and logo should not be used. For questions about using MA Intellectual Property(IP), view the IP FAQ page or contact [email protected]

Sample Flyers

Meeting Directions

To help guide participants to the meeting room, it is suggested to use direction flyers that indicate which way to go so that the meeting space may be found more easily. 

Meeting Directions Flyer


For the following template flyers, feel free to make a copy of the document. Once the file has been copied, fill in the specifics of the meeting such as location, day, and time of the meeting.


Meeting Handout

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Tear-Away Flyer

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