Marijuana Anonymous World Services

Coming Home

I’m a marijuana addict. I want to share about my journey to long-term recovery. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s certainly been worth the effort. The whole process has been a discovery of my true Self. When I was growing up, I felt like there must have been some kind of mistake, that I must have been adopted or born into the wrong family. I just didn’t understand why everyone was so uptight. My parents were nice people under a lot of stress, which led to my father being a rageaholic and my mother being codependent to that behavior. I was a major target of his outbursts.

When my younger sister was born, I felt left out and very much alone. I discovered that cough medicine made me feel OK and used it as much as I could get away with. When I got to be a teenager, I experimented with alcohol but didn’t really like the taste or the high very much. This, however, didn’t stop me from drinking and getting sick.

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