How It Works

Marijuana Anonymous uses the basic 12 Steps of Recovery founded by Alcoholics Anonymous, because it has been proven that the 12 Step Recovery program works!

  • The Twelve Steps of Marijuana Anonymous
  • The Twelve Traditions of Marijuana Anonymous
  • The Twelve Questions of Marijuana Anonymous
  • What is a Sponsor?
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • An Understanding of the 12 Steps
  • Family members and friends may find some help here:
  • For the Loved Ones of Marijuana Addicts

Who is a Marijuana Addict?

“We who are marijuana addicts know the answer to this question. Marijuana controls our lives! We lose interest in all else; our dreams go up in smoke. Ours is a progressive illness often leading us to addictions to other drugs, including alcohol. Our lives, our thinking, and our desires center around marijuana—scoring it, dealing it, and finding ways to stay high.” – Preamble to Life with Hope