Treasurer Liaison Open Position Announcement

If you have interest in working as the part-time Treasurer Liaison, please email to ask questions and to submit your resume.


  • Two years of sobriety from marijuana and all mind-altering chemicals
  • Working knowledge of the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, and The Twelve Concepts for Service in Marijuana Anonymous
  • Ongoing access to a home office or similar facilities
  • Operate efficiently without on-site supervision
  • Effectively communicate in writing and on the phone
  • Ability to master the software systems employed by MA World Services such as Excel, Google Drive and Sheets
  • Ongoing access to an Internet-connected PC or Mac capable of supporting printers, and installing and running up-to-date web browsers

Job Responsibilities

District Interface

  • Supports and supervises District Treasurers and other volunteers in finance-related roles.
  • Follows up with District treasurers on late reporting, working with finance committee as needed.
  • Uses forensic accounting skills to resolve problems.
  • Reviews and troubleshoots monthly financial reports and bank reconciliations from Districts.

Tax Return Support

  • Assists the Tax Accountant with preparation and on-time filing of all tax returns.
  • Files government reports, i.e. Secretary of State Statement of Information, Raffle Registration.Reviews the completeness of raffle results submitted by districts and aggregates results for the annual reporting period

Corporate Bookkeeping

  • Enters annual payroll tax rate changes in QuickBooks Online (QBO)
  • Manually files wage reports and pays state payroll agencies that are not serviced by QBO
  • Research and contact state business and payroll agencies when employees are hired in a new state. Prepares applications for business licenses and creates accounts with all state payroll agencies.
  • Research and obtain quotes for workers compensation insurance in states where a new employee is hired.
  • Downloads QBO profit and loss and other reports and responds to annual audits from workers compensation insurance companies
  • Cancels workers compensation insurance and closes payroll accounts (if needed) in states where MAWS no longer employs people.
  • Prepares 1099s as needed
  • Maintains the financial calendar, and communicates events to the responsible parties
  • Assists in the development of accounting procedures

Compensation and Hours

  • Part-time employee “Special Worker”
  • $28 per hour
If you have interest in working as the part-time Treasurer Liaison, please email to ask questions and to submit your resume.