Marijuana Anonymous World Services

Steps 1, 2, & 3 – Workshop Registration

Start the Steps, we recover together…
Join us via Zoom, Sunday June 13, 2021 12pm-3pm (Pacific Daylight Time)

This workshop is for everyone who would like to start the recovery process utilizing the 12 Steps of MA. 

    -Listen to Sponsors share part of their recovery journey. 
    -Share in small breakout groups with a volunteer Sponsor and other participants.
    -Optional guided breathing, stretching, and meditation. 

Please fill out this form to register, then check your email for confirmation of registration and information about this workshop.

  • You will be emailed details to access the workshop Zoom room.
  • Provide us with your location if you're interested in being connected with other workshop participants that may be near you.
  • Breakout rooms provide an opportunity to connect with a sponsor and other participants. Some may feel more comfortable joining a specific group while others prefer a mixed group.
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