Marijuana Anonymous World Services

MA World Services Correspondence Trustee

The role of the MA World Services Correspondence Trustee is to:

  • Fulfill requests for guidance on how to participate in the program, which includes  answering or forwarding requests received by voicemail, text, and email; sending requests for information to other trustees, committees, districts, or associated members.
  • Facilitate committee members who share their experience, strength and hope to newcomers.
  • Provide newcomers with meeting information, MA literature including pamphlets, and the MA mobile app, and connecting to other members or district in their area.
  • Manage a Remote Sponsorship program, assisting members by connecting them with potential sponsors/sponsees, or delegating this responsibility to a committee member.
  • Host workshops with the support of  districts, the purpose of which is to support  members  in starting Steps 1-3, and have an opportunity to meet available sponsors.
  • Refer family or friends of marijuana addicts to Mar-Anon.

Approximate hours per month required to perform job: 8

For more information on World Services, please read the Service Manual.