I Found MA Online

I am a recovering pothead. If it had not been for the MA program online I could not introduce myself as “recovering” because, you see, when I found MA Online there were no MA meetings at all in the state where I live! I was recently talking to my online sponsor and she suggested that I share my experience, strength, and hope of how I got clean online. I made a commitment that I was willing to do whatever it takes to get clean and stay clean…and part of that is following what is suggested to me by my sponsor…so here goes:

I didn’t try pot until I was 26 years old because I was scared of it, scared because it was an illegal drug, but mostly scared because I might enjoy it. This fear enabled me to just say no many times before I finally said yes.

This is only an excerpt.  Our Book, “Life With Hope”, contains the full text and much more.   
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Also recommended: The Marijuana Anonymous App  – Available on the Apple App Store for iPhones and on Google Play for Android phones.