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Every MA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions. – Marijuana Anonymous Tradition Seven

Marijuana Anonymous World Services uses contributions to carry the MA message by typesetting literature, sending out meeting starter kits, maintaining our web site, and preserving MA unity between the districts.

The money is also used to pay for the annual World Service Conference, as well as the business expenses incurred by the trustees in operating MA throughout the year. A group is not self-supporting until it pays its own expenses and contributes its fair share to the larger society.

The group not only supports itself but MA as a whole. That is what is meant by “fully” self-supporting, since there would be no groups without the fellowship. A group that does not raise enough money during meetings may raise it by having fund-raisers or events. We all have to pull together, and by doing so we learn that we are truly part of something greater than ourselves.

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